I grew up in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel, and throughout my life always loved to walk in the countryside and study nature, as well as study the major factors behind significant events, whether historical or subjects of current affairs. I am blessed to be able combine these interests and spend every day doing what I love as well as making my living from it.
I specialize in tours of Jerusalem, the Dead Sea area, the Galilee, the desert and everything that is in between, from a religious and archeological aspect as well as exploring the flora and fauna of Israel, Israeli society, culture and actual  daily life aspects.
My tours are specifically aimed toward showing the various physical and historical attributes of the country as well as getting to know the people, the culture and seeing the unique places which are often off the beaten track.
I guide individual travelers, business tours, groups and families with young children.

Come to visit Israel- a country small in size, yet abundant in fascinating landmarks, historical events, cultures and experiences

[title]Background Studies:[/title]
Licensed Tour Guide form the Israeli Ministry of Tourism.
Bachelor’s degree In Mediterranean History Studies, religion, Jewish, Christian and Muslim culture.
Master’s degree in Land Of Israel Studies
PhD undergraduate at Tel Aviv University
Licensed field-guide from the society 0f nature protection in Israel